Mid-Peninsula Homeschoolers Park Day Group Values

1. We believe in parental accountability.  We are each responsible for OUR OWN children at all times.  If we must leave the play area (even for a few minutes!) we agree to take our children with us UNLESS:

2. We wish to create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for social interaction and to reinforce positive behavior among the children. Therefore, we agree to:

3. We believe in personal accountability.  As caring adults who spend a lot of time with our children, we understand that both parents and children are often less than perfect; however, behavior which persistently interferes with the comfort and safety of other park day participants is not acceptable in our group.  If any member of our families is having a difficult time following these guidelines, we will go home and try again next week.

4. We believe in protecting the health of those around us.  If we have mild colds, coughs, and clear nasal discharge, we may participate as long as we take reasonable precautions to prevent infecting others. Otherwise, we will stay at home if we are ill, including:

We will contact the group (via email or phone) if we have inadvertently exposed the group to a contagious illness.

5. We understand that many families have dietary restrictions. We agree not to share food with any child without asking for parental permission first.

6. Due to the severe nut allergies of some group members, we will leave all nuts at home.

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Last updated November 25th, 2017