Mid-Peninsula Homeschoolers

meeting every Wednesday at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto, California

Mid-Peninsula Homeschoolers warmly welcomes families of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and homeschooling philosophies who love their children and wish to provide them with the best possible education.  We meet in Mitchell Park, Palo Alto, every Wednesday afternoon for fun, friendship, support, networking, and information gathering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any guidelines my family should know about?

A. YES!  Although we are a diverse group, we do share certain core values.  We ask you to read our Group Values and review them with your children before attending for the first time, to help you determine if this is the right homeschooling group for you and your family.

Q. Where is the park located?

A. Mitchell Park is in Palo Alto at the intersection of East Meadow Drive and Middlefield Avenue.  Please enter the parking lot on East Meadow Drive.   Click here for a map.

Q. What facilities are available at Mitchell Park?

A. This 21.4 acre park is adjacent to Mitchell Park Library and has shuffleboard courts, checkerboard/chess tables, seven tennis courts, two paddle tennis courts, four handball courts, jogging trails, picnic areas with barbecues, a multi-use concrete bowl (our youngest children use their riding toys there), playgrounds for toddlers and children, a small water park, a large dog run, and three restrooms.

Q. How old are the children who attend this park day? Where do they live?

A. Our children currently range in age from one year to seventeen years. Younger and older children are welcome!  Participants live in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

Q. When does everyone arrive? When does everyone leave?

A. Families arrive as early as noon and continue arriving until about 3 PM.  Some leave as early as 3:30 PM and others stay until sunset.   Please feel free to arrive and leave when it is convenient for your family!

Q. What does everyone do?

A. The children play, while the parents supervise their children, socialize, and exchange information and ideas.

Q. What should I bring?

A. All year: lunch or snacks and drinks, sand toys, riding toys for young children, balls, frisbees, jump ropes and other playground equipment, and a chair or blanket for the adult to sit on.  In warm weather: sunscreen and sunhats, and a towel and change of clothing for any child who wants to play in the sprinklers.  The sprinklers are on from May through September.

Q. What should I leave at home?

A. Weapons, even toy ones.  Nuts, because some children in our group have severe allergic reactions.

Q. What happens when it rains?

A. We never cancel park day!  Some families choose to go to the park if there are intermittent showers, others stay at home.

Q. Do you organize field trips or classes for the children in the group?

A. No.  Our participants have such diverse educational needs that it is impossible to organize activities that will interest everyone.  Instead, we recommend that you subscribe to the following Yahoo Groups to find suitable activities for your family, and invite like-minded friends to join you:

  • Bay Area Homeschool Field Trips
  • SF Bay Homeschool

  • Q. It's a big park!  How can I find the group?  I have a concern that isn't addressed on this page.  How do I get more information?

    A. Please contact Rita at (650) 365-2070 or email her at rita@midpeninsulahomeschoolers.org

    This Web page is maintained by Rita. Feedback is always welcome.

    Last updated July 4th, 2014